Rucker is a rare talent-- she is smart, anticipatory, capable and distills and simplifies complex concepts. She is also incredibly productive, hard working, and reliable. More importantly, Rucker is an intuitive and collaborative leader and team player with a sterling character and a warm and vibrant disposition. It is a real joy to work with Rucker.

  • Nicole Boothman-Shepard, Vice President, Resilience + Recovery, AECOM

I really enjoyed working with Rucker Alex, and I am impressed by her skills and experience. She is a great editor and very professional during our engagement. She is super responsive and she is willing to spend time to truly understand all the requirements. Her critique is thorough and to the point which is the key to shape my draft into a concise and cohesive article. She also guided me through the critical thinking process and has been a strong supporter and mentor to me along the way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking for a great editor and consultant.

  • Ellen Liu, California

Rucker is the consummate professional. She is conscientious, courteous, thoughtful, and never takes on a task at half-step. She approaches every assignment with a diligence that ensures the best possible outcome every single time. I worked with Rucker on an extremely challenging IT project and her integrity and work ethic enabled her to make very significant contributions.

  • Jeffrey Bailey, Vice President, Florida

I have been fortunate to work with Rucker Alex on several writing projects, most recently my doctoral dissertation. Rucker is smart, analytical and curious, and in her copy editing also helped me to clarify my theoretical arguments. As a competent reader outside of my field of study, she brought a fresh and critical perspective to my work. Rucker is a skilled and careful editor with comprehensive knowledge of grammar and punctuation and a knack for clear and effective writing. She is a pleasure to collaborate with and I highly recommend her services!

  • Victoria Restler, Rhode Island

Rucker is an amazing worker, with a fantastic mix of skills, dedication, drive and talent. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her without reservation. She is great with clients and her co-workers, and is always very professional, polished and efficient in her work. Rucker exhibits great attention to detail, dedication to results and a professional and positive attitude.

  • Jean Orlando, Vice President, Virginia

Transitioning from “entrepreneur” to “writer/author”, I had no idea of the challenges I’d face entering this new role. The intended book is a nonfiction recent history with a point of view that requires careful research. I leaped into the task of collecting quotes, transcribing tables from census books, interviewing people and frequently rewriting book and chapter outlines and query letters. But I was not moving forward toward having actual chapters and I could see years passing at this rate. Within a week after contracting with Rucker Alex, her insightful and diligent coaching put clear rails on my writing project. She introduced me to procedures and technologies I had not known. She set me up to be functional and move forward productively. I now see an end in sight. Distant, but with her continuing support and advice, I know I’ll get there!

  • Barbara Thornton, Massachusetts

Rucker Alex served as the Head Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for the upper division undergraduate course I taught at University of California, Berkeley [...] Rucker demonstrated an exceptional set of skills in leading her GSI peers, providing insight, problem-solving, and innovative approaches to teaching about planning issues. She is without a doubt, one of the most talented, organized, skilled, and dedicated graduate students I have worked with. She always approached challenges by maintaining a positive attitude and searching for innovative solutions. She clearly has a truly exceptional talent and passion for both teaching and working closely and actively with the students on not only their academic work but supporting students in their efforts to find their own passion and interests.

  • Dr. Ricardo G. Huerta Niño, California