Content Development & refinement

  • Interactive Consultation - Initiate content development; identify needs and goals; collaboratively develop content

  • Developmental Editing - Expand draft content; detailed feedback on voice, tone, content and opportunities for improvement

  • Copyediting & Proofreading - Edit existing content for grammar, spelling, punctuation and word choice

Sample project outcomes:

    • Technical studies

    • Research studies

    • School and job applications

    • Grant applications

    • Business reports

    • Academic manuscripts

Progress Facilitation

  • Information Distillation - Gather and review quantitative and qualitative input; interview participants and key stakeholders

  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation - Identify positions and interests; determine agreement potentials

  • Scenario Planning - Highlight possible pathways forward; identify benefits, costs, and risks of proceeding

Sample project outcomes:

  • Strategic plans

  • Interviews and qualitative assessments

  • Customized agendas and participant engagement packets

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Stakeholder engagements

  • Technical studies

Operational Improvements

  • Streamlining Processes - Develop, monitor, and optimize internal and external-facing processes and procedures

  • Goals Refinement - Create SMART goals and prioritize short- and longer-term objectives

  • Best Practice Implementation - Identify and apply effective and efficient industry standards

Sample project outcomes:

    • Memo outlining options and benefits for changes to tools and practices

    • Updated processes and procedures for inter-departmental functions

    • Implementation of tools and software systems